Psalm 112

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David



 1  That man is blessed, who stands in awe
    of God, and loves his sacred law:
 2  His seed on earth shall be renowned, 
    and with successive honors crowned.
 3  His house, the seat of wealth, shall be
    an unexhausted treasury;
    His justice free from all decay
    shall blessings to his heirs convey.

 4  The soul that's filled with virtue's light
    shines brightest in affliction's night:
    to pity the distressed inclined,
    as well as just to all mankind.
 5  His lib'ral favors he extends,
    to some he gives, to others lends;
    Yet what his charity impairs,
    he saves by prudence in affairs.

 6  Beset with threat'ning dangers round,
    unmoved shall he maintain his ground;
    The sweet remembrance of the just
    shall flourish when he sleeps in dust.
 7  Ill tidings never can surprise
    his heart, that fixed on God relies:
 8  On safety's rock he sits, and sees
    the shipwreck of his enemies.

 9  His hands, while they his alms bestowed,
    his glory's future harvest sowed;
    Whence he shall reap wealth, fame, renown,
    a temp'ral and eternal crown.
10  The wicked shall his triumph see,
    and gnash their teeth in agony:
    While their unrighteous hopes decay,
    and vanish with themselves away.

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