Psalm 114

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1  When Israel, by th' Almighty led, 
    (enriched by their oppressors' spoil,)
    From Egypt marched, and Jacob's seed 
    from bondage in a foreign soil;

 2  Jehovah, for his residence,
    chose out imperial Judah's tent,
    His mansion royal, and from thence
    through Israel's camp his orders sent.

 3  The distant sea with terror saw,
    and from th' Almighty's presence fled;
    Old Jordan's streams, surprised with awe, 
    retreated to their fountain's head.

 4  The taller mountains skipped like rams, 
    when danger near the fold they hear;
    The hills skipped after them like lambs,
    affrighted by their leader's fear.

 5  O sea, what made your tide withdraw,
    and naked leave your oozy bed?
    Why, Jordan, against nature's law,
    recoil'dst thou to thy fountain's head?

 6  Why, mountains, did ye skip like rams,
    when danger does approach the fold?
    Why after you the hills, like lambs,
    when they their leader s flight behold?

 7  Earth, tremble on; well may'st thou fear 
    thy Lord and Maker's face to see;
    When Jacob's awful God draws near,
    'tis time for earth and seas to rice.

 8  To flee from God, who nature's law
    confirms and cancels at his will;
    Who springs from flinty rocks can draw,
    and thirsty vales with water fill.

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