Psalm 115

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


  1   Lord, not to us, we claim no share,
         but to thy sacred Name
      Give glory for thy mercy's sake,
         and truth's eternal fame.

  2   Why should the heathen cry, Where's now 
         the God whom we adore?
  3   Convince them that in heav'n thou art,
         and uncontrolled thy pow'r.

  4   Their gods but gold and silver are,
         the works of mortal hands;
  5   With speechless mouth and sightless eyes 
         the molten idol stands.

  6   The pageant has both ears and nose, 
         but neither hears nor smells;
  7   Its hands and feet nor feel nor move, 
         no life within it dwells.

  8   Such senseless stocks they are, that we 
         can nothing like them find,
      But those who on their help rely,
         and them for gods designed.

  9   O Israel, make the Lord your trust,
         who is your help and shield:
 10   Priests, Levites, trust in him alone,
         who only help can yield.

 11   Let all, who truly fear the Lord,
         on him they fear rely:
      Who them in danger can defend,
         and all their wants supply,

12,13 Of us he oft has mindful been,
         and Israel's house will bless;
      Priests, Levites, Proselytes, e'en all
         who his great Name confess.

 14   On you, and on your heirs, he will
         increase of blessings bring;
 15   Thrice happy you, who fav'rites are
         of this almighty King!

 16   Heav'n's highest orb of glory he
         his empire's seat designed; 
      And gave this lower globe of earth
         a portion to mankind.

 17   They who in death and silence sleep
         to him no praise afford:
 18   But we will bless for evermore
         our ever-living Lord.

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