Psalm 116

Words: Brady and Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David

Common Metre Tunes

 1     My soul with grateful thoughts of love
          entirely is possessed,
       Because the Lord vouchsafed to hear
          the voice of my request.

 2     Since he has now his ear inclined,
          I never will despair;
       But still in all the straits of life
          to him address my pray'r.

 3     With deadly sorrows compassed round,
          with pains of hell oppressed,
       When troubles seized my aching heart,
          and anguish racked my breast;
 4     On God's Almighty Name I called
          and thus to him I prayed;
       "Lord, I beseech thee, save my soul,
          with sorrows quite dismayed."

5,6    How just and merciful is God!
          how gracious is the Lord!
       Who saves the harmless, and to me
          does timely help afford.

 7     Then, free from pensive cares, my soul,
          resume thy wonted rest;
       For God has wondrously to thee
          his bounteous love expressed.

 8     When death alarmed me, he removed
          my dangers and my foes
       My feet from falling he secured,
          and dried my eyes from tears.

 9     Therefore my life's remaining years,
          which God to me shall lend,
       Will I in praises to his Name,
          and in his service spend.

10,11  In God I trusted, and of him
          in greatest straits did boast;
       (For, in my flight, all hopes of aid
          from faithless men were lost.

12,13  Then what return to him shall I
          for all his goodness make?
       I'll praise his Name, and with glad zeal
          the cup of blessing take.

14,15  I'll pay my vows amongst his saints,
          whose blood (howe'er despised
       By wicked men) in God's account
          is always highly prized.

16     By various ties, O Lord, must I
          to thy dominion bow;
       Thy humble handmaid's son before,
          thy ransomed captive now.

17,18  To thee I'll off'rings bring of praise;
          and, whilst I bless thy Name,
       The just performance of my vows
          to all thy saints proclaim.

19     They in Jerusalem shall meet,
          and in thy house shall join,
       To bless thy Name with one consent,
          and mix their songs with mine.

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