Psalm 118

Words: Brady and Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David

Common Metre Tunes

1,2  O praise the Lord, for he is good, 
        his mercies ne'er decay.
     That his kind favors ever last, 
        let thankful Israel say.

3,4  Their sense of his eternal love
        let Aaron s house express;
     And, that it never fails, let all
        that fear the Lord confess.

 5   To God I made my humble moan,
        with troubles quite oppressed;
     and granted my request.
        And he released me from my straits,

 6   Since therefore God does on my side
        so graciously appear,
     Why should the vain attempts of men
        possess my soul with fear?

 7   Since God, with those that aid my cause
        vouchsafes my part to take,
     To all my foes I need not doubt
        a just return to take.

8,9  For better 'tis to trust in God,
        and have the Lord our friend,
     Than on the greatest human pow'r
        for safety to depend.

     Though many nations closely leagued, 
        did oft beset me round; 
     Yet, by his boundless pow'r sustained,
        I did their strength, confound.

 12  They swarmed like bees, and yet their rage 
        was but a short-lived blaze;
     For whilst on God I still rely
        I vanquished them with ease.

 13  When all united pressed me hard,
        in hopes to make me fall,
     The Lord vouchsafed to take my part,
        and saved me from them all,

 14  The honor of my strange escape
        to him alone belongs;
     He is my Savior and my strength,
        he only claims my songs.

 15  Joy fills the dwelling of the just,
        whom God has saved from harm;
     For wondrous things are brought to pass 
        by his Almighty arm.

 16  He, by his own resistless power,
        has endless honor won;
     The saving strength of his right hand
        amazing works has done.

 17  God will not suffer me to fall,
        but still prolongs my days;
     That, by declaring all his works,
        I may advance his praise.

 18  When God had sorely me chastised,
        till quite of hopes bereaved,
     His mercy from the gates of death
        my fainting life reprieved.

 19  Then open wide the temple gates
        to which the just repair,
     That I may enter in, and praise
        my great deliv'rer there.

     Within those gates of God's abode, 
        to which the righteous press;
     Since thou hast heard, and set me safe, 
        thy holy Name I'll bless.

     That which the builders once refused 
        is now the corner-stone:
     This is the wondrous work of God,
        the work of God alone.

     This day is God's; let all the land
        exalt their cheerful voice:
     Lord, we beseech thee, save us now,
        and make us still rejoice.

 26  Him that approaches in God's Name
        let all th' assembly bless;
     "We that belong to God's own house,
        have wished you good success."

 27  God is the Lord, through whom we all
        both light and comfort find;
     Fast to the altar's horn with cords
        the chosen victim bind.

 28  Thou art my Lord, O God, and still
        I'll praise thy holy Name:
     Because thou only art my God,
        I'll celebrate thy fame.

 29  O then with me give thanks to God,
        who still does gracious prove;
     And let the tribute of our praise
        be endless as his love.

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