Psalm 12

Words: Brady and Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David

Common Metre Tunes

   1  Since godly men decay, O Lord,
         do thou my cause defend;
      For scarce these wretched times afford 
         one just and faithful friend.
   2  One neighbor now can scarce believe
         what t'other doth impart:
      With flattering lips they all deceive,
         and with a double heart.
   3  But lips that with deceit abound
         can never prosper long;
      God's righteous vengeance will confound
         the proud blaspheming tongue.
   4  In vain those foolish boasters say,
         "Our tongues are sure our own;
      "With doubtful words we will betray,
         and be controlled by none."
   5  For God, who hears the suff'ring poor,
         and their oppression knows,
      Will soon arise and give them rest,
         in spite of all their foes.
   6  The word of God shall still abide,
         and void of falsehood be,
      As is the silver, sev'n times tried,
         from drossy mixture free.
   7  The promise of his aiding grace
         shall reach the purposed end;
      His servants from this faithless race
         he ever shall defend.
   8  Then shall the wicked be perplexed,
         nor know which way to fly;
      When those, whom they despised and vexed, 
         shall be advanced on high.

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