Psalm 120

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David

L.M. (888  888, as the 113th)

   1  In deep distress I oft have cried
      to God, who never yet denied
         To rescue me, oppressed with wrongs.
   2  Once more, O Lord, deliv'rance send,
      from lying lips my soul defend,
         And from the rage of sland'ring tongues.
   3  What little profit can accrue,
      and yet what heavy wrath is due,
         O thou perfidious tongue, to thee!
   4  Thy sting upon thyself shall turn;
      of lasting flames that fiercely burn,
         The constant fuel thou shalt be.
   5  But O how wretched is my doom,
      who am a sojourner become
         In barren Mesech's desert soil!
      With Kedar's wicked tents enclosed,
      to lawless savages exposed,
         Who live on naught but theft and spoil.
   6  My hapless dwelling is with those
      who peace and amity oppose,
         And pleasure take in others' harms:
   7  Sweet peace is all I court and seek;
      but when to them of peace I speak,
         They straight cry out, "To arms, to arms!"

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