Psalm 126

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  When Zion's God her sons recalled
         from long captivity,
      It seemed at first a pleasing dream
         of what we wished to see.
   2  But soon in an accustomed mirth
         we did our voice employ,
      And sung our great Restorer's praise
         in thankful hymns of joy.
      Our heathen foes repining stood,
         yet were compelled to own,
      That great and wondrous was the work
         our God for us had done.
   3  'Twas great, say they; 'twas wondrous great,
         much more should we confess;
      The Lord has done great things, whereof
         we reap the glad success.
   4  To us bring back the remnant, Lord,
         of Israel's captive bands,
      More welcome than refreshing show'rs
         to parched and thirsty lands.
   5  That we, whose work commenced in tears,
         may see our labors thrive,
      Till finished with success, to make
         our drooping hearts revive.
   6  Though he despond that sows his grain,
         yet doubtless he shall come
      To bind his full-eared sheaves, and bring
         the joyful harvest home.

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