Psalm 127

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  We build with fruitless cost, unless
         the Lord the pile sustain
      Unless the Lord the city keep
         the watchman wakes in vain.
   2  In vain we rise before the day,
         and late to rest repair,
      Allow no respite to our toil,
         and eat the bread of care.
   3  Supplies of life, with ease to them,
         he on his saints bestows;
      He crowns their labor with success,
         their nights with sound repose.
   4  Children, those comforts of our life,
         are presents from the Lord;
      He gives a num'rous race of heirs,
         as piety's reward.
   5  As arrows in a giant's hand,
         when marching forth to war,
      E'en so the sons of sprightly youth
         their parents' safeguard are.
   6  Happy the man whose quiver's filled
         with these prevailing arms;
      He needs not fear to meet his foe
         at law, or war's alarms.

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