Psalm 129

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  From my youth up, may Israel say
         they oft have me assailed;
   2  Reduced me oft to heavy straits,
         but never quite prevailed. 
   3  They oft have plowed my patient back
         with furrows deep and long;
   4  But our just God has broke their chains,
         and rescued us from wrong.
   5  Defeat, confusion, shameful rout
         be still the doom of those,
      Their righteous doom, who Zion hate
         and Zion's God oppose. 
   6  Like corn upon our houses' tops,
         untimely let them fade,
      Which too much heat, and want of root,
         has blasted in the blade. 
   7  Which in his arms no reaper takes,
         but unregarded leaves;
      No binder thinks it worth his pains
         to fold it into sheaves.
   8  No traveler that passes by
         vouchsafes a minute's stop,
      To give it one kind look, or crave
         Heav'n's blessing on the crop.

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