Psalm 13

Words: Brady and Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David

Common Metre Tunes

   1  How long wilt thou forget me, Lord? 
         must I for ever mourn?
      How long wilt thou withdraw from me, 
         Oh! never to return?
   2  How long shall anxious thoughts my soul, 
         and grief my heart oppress?
      How long my enemies insult,
         and I have no redress?
   3  O hear! and to my longing eyes
         restore thy wonted light!
      And suddenly, or I shall sleep
         in everlasting night.
   4  Restore me, lest they proudly boast,
         'twas their own strength o'ercame,
      Permit not them that vex my soul
         to triumph in my shame.
   5  Since I have always placed my trust
         beneath thy mercy's wing,
      Thy saving health will come, and then
         my heart with joy shall spring:
   6  Then shall my song, with praise inspired, 
         to thee, my God, ascend;
      Who to thy servant in distress
         such bounty didst extend.

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