Psalm 132

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  Let David, Lord, a constant place
         in thy remembrance find:
      Let all the sorrows he endured
         be ever in thy mind.
   2  Remember what a solemn oath
         to thee, his Lord, he swore;
      How to the mighty God he vowed,
         whom Jacob's sons adore:
 3,4  I will not go into my house,
         nor to my bed ascend;
      No soft repose shall close my eyes,
         nor sleep my eyelids bend:
   5  Till for the Lord's designed abode
         I mark the destined ground;
      Till I a decent place of rest
         for Jacob's God have found.
   6  Th' appointed place with shouts of joy
         at Ephrata we found,
      And made the woods and neighb'ring fields
         our glad applause resound.
   7  O with due rev'rence let us then
         to his abode repair;
      And, prostrate at his footstool fall'n
         pour out our humble pray'r,
   8  Arise, O Lord, and now possess
         thy constant place of rest;
      Be that, not only with thy ark,
         but with thy presence blessed.
9,10  Clothe thou thy priests with righteousness,
         make thou thy saints rejoice;
      And, for thy servant David's sake,
         hear thy anointed's voice.
  11  God sware to David in his truth,
         nor shall his oath be vain,
      One of thy offspring, after thee,
         upon thy throne shall reign.
  12  And if thy seed my cov'nant keep,
         and to my laws submit,
      Their children too upon thy throne
         for evermore shall sit.
13,14 For Zion does in God's esteem
         all other seats excel;
      His place of everlasting rest,
         where he desires to dwell.
15,16 Her stores, says he, I will increase,
         her poor with plenty bless;
      Her saints shall shout for joy, her priests
         my saving health confess.
  17  There David's pow'r shall long remain
         in his successive line,
      And my anointed servant there
         shall with fresh luster shine.
  18  The faces of his vanquish'd foes
         confusion shall o'erspread,
      Whilst, with confirmed success, his crown
         shall flourish on his head.

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