Psalm 136

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David

6's (6666 4444)

   1  To God, the mighty Lord,
      your joyful thanks repeat;
      To him due praise afford,
      as good as he is great.
         For God does prove
         our constant friend;
         His boundless love
         shall never end.
 2,3  To him whose wondrous pow'r
      all other gods obey,
      Whom earthly kings adore,
      this grateful homage pay.
         For God, &c.
 4,5  By his almighty hand
      amazing works are wrought;
      The heav'ns by his command
      were to perfection brought.
         For God, &c.
   6  He spread the ocean round
      about the spacious land;
      And made the rising ground
      above the waters stand.
         For God, &c.
7,8,9  Thro' heav'n he did display
      his num'rous hosts of light;
      The sun to rule by day,
      the moon and stars by night,
         For God, &c.
10,11,12  He struck the first-born dead
      of Egypt's stubborn land;
      And thence his people led
      with his resistless hand.
         For God, &c.
13,14 By him the raging sea,
      as if in pieces rent,
      Disclosed a middle way,
      thro' which his people went.
         For God, &c.
  15  Where soon he overthrew
      proud Pharaoh and his host,
      Who, daring to pursue,
      were in the billows lost.
         For God, &c.
16,17,18  Thro' deserts vast and wild
      he led the chosen seed;
      And famous princes foiled,
      and made great monarchs bleed.
         For God, &c.
19,20 Sihon, whose potent hand
      great Ammon's scepter swayed;
      And Or, whose stern command
      rich Bashan's land obeyed,
         For God, &c.
21,22 And of his wondrous grace,
      their lands, whom he destroyed,
      He gave to Israel's race,
      to be by them enjoyed.
         For God, &c.
23,24 He, in oar depth of woes,
      on us with favor thought,
      And from our cruel foes
      in peace and safety brought.
         For God, &c.
25,26 He does the food supply
      on which all creatures live:
      To God who reigns on high
      eternal praises give.
         For God will prove
         our constant friend;
         His boundless love
         shall never end.

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