Psalm 137

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  When we, our wearied limbs to rest,
      sat down by proud Euphrates' stream,
      We wept, with doleful thoughts oppressed,
      and Zion was our mournful theme.
   2  Our harps, that when with joy we sung,
      were wont their tuneful parts to bear,
      With silent strings neglected hung
      on willow trees that withered there.
   3  Meanwhile our foes, who all conspired
      to triumph in our slavish wrongs,
      Music and mirth of us required;
      "Come, sing us one of Zion's songs."
   4  How shall we tune our voice to sing?
      or touch our harps with skilful hands?
      Shall hymns of joy to God our King
      be sung by slaves in foreign lands?
   5  O Salem, our once happy seat !
      when I of thee forgetful prove,
      Let then my trembling hand forget
      the speaking strings with art to move.
   6  If I to mention thee forbear,
      eternal silence seize my tongue;
      Or if I sing one cheerful air,
      till thy deliv'rance is my song.
   7  Remember, Lord, how Edom's race,
      in thy own city's fatal day,
      cried out, "Her stately walls deface,
      and with the ground quite level lay."
   8  Proud Babel's daughter, doomed to be
      of grief and woe the wretched prey;
      Blessed is the man who shall to thee
      the wrongs thou lay'st on us repay.
   9  Thrice blessed, who with just rage possessed,
      and deaf to all the parents' moans,
      Shall snatch thy infants from the breast,
      and dash their heads against the stones.

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