Psalm 138

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  With my whole heart, my God and King,
         thy praise I will proclaim;
      Before the gods with joy I'll sing,
         and bless thy holy name
   2  I'll worship at thy sacred seat;
         and, with thy love inspired,
      The praises of thy truth repeat,
         o'er all thy works admired.
   3  Thou graciously inclin'dst thine ear,
         when I to thee did cry;
      And, when my soul was pressed with fear,
         didst inward strength supply.
   4  Therefore shall ev'ry earthly prince
         thy name with praise pursue,
      Whom these admired events convince
         that all thy works are true.
   5  They all thy wondrous ways, O Lord,
         with cheerful songs shall bless;
      And all thy glorious acts record,
         thy awful pow'r confess.
   6  For God, although enthroned on high,
         does thence the poor respect;
      The proud far off his scornful eye
         beholds with just neglect.
   7  Tho' I with troubles am oppressed,
        he shall my foes disarm;
      Relieve my soul when most distressed,
         and keep me safe from harm.
   8  The Lord, whose mercies ever last,
         shall fix my happy state;
      And, mindful of his favors past,
         shall his own work complete.

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