Psalm 14

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  Sure wicked fools must needs suppose
         that God is nothing but a name;
      Corrupt and lewd their practice grows,
         no breast is warmed with holy flame.
   2  The Lord looked down from heav'n's high tow'r,
         and all the sons of men did view,
      To see if any owned his pow'r,
         if any truth or justice knew.
   3  But all he saw were gone aside,
         all were degen'rate grown and base,
      None took religion for their guide,
         not one of all the sinful race.
   4  But can these workers of deceit
         be all so dull and senseless grown:
      That they like bread my people eat,
         and God's almighty pow'r disown?
   5  How will they tremble then for fear,
         when his just wrath shall them o'ertake;
      For to the righteous God is near,
         and never will their cause forsake.
   6  Ill men in vain with scorn expose
         those methods which the good pursue;
      Since God a refuge is for those
         whom his just eyes with favor view.
   7  Would he his saving pow'r employ
         to break his people's servile band;
      Then shouts of universal joy
         should loudly echo through the land.

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