Psalm 140

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  Preserve me, Lord, from crafty foes
         of treacherous intent;
   2  And from the sons of violence,
         on open mischief bent.
   3  Their sland'ring tongue the serpent's sting
         in sharpness does exceed;
      Between their lips the gall of asps
         and adders' venom breed.
   4  Preserve me, Lord, from wicked hands,
         nor leave my soul forlorn,
      A prey to sons of violence,
         who have my ruin sworn.
   6  The proud for me have laid their snare,
         and spread their wily net;
      With traps and gins**, where'er I move,
         I find my steps beset,
   6  But thus environed with distress,
         thou art my God, I said;
      Lord, hear my supplicating voice,
         that calls to thee for aid.
   7  O Lord, the God, whose saving strength
         kind succor did convey,
      And covered my advent'rous head
         in battle's doubtful day:
   8  Permit not their unjust designs
         to answer their desire;
      Lest they, encouraged by success,
         to bolder crimes aspire.
   9  Let first their chiefs the sad effects
         of their injustice mourn:
      The blast of their envenomed breath
         upon themselves return.
  10  Let them who kindled first the flame
         its sacrifice become;
      The pit, they digged for me be made
         their own untimely tomb.
  11  Tho slander's breath may raise a storm,
         it quickly will decay;
      Their rage does but the torrent swell
         that bears themselves away.
  12  God will assert the poor man's cause,
         and speedy succor give;
      The just shall celebrate his praise,
         and in his presence live.

** gins - archaic, traps, snares.

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