Psalm 142

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  To God, with mournful voice,
         in deep distress I prayed;
   2  Made him the umpire of my cause,
         my wrongs before him laid.
   3  Thou didst my steps direct,
         when my grieved soul despaired;
      For where I thought to walk secure,
         they had their traps prepared.
   4  I looked, but found no friend
         to own me in distress:
      All refuge failed, no man vouchsafed
         his pity or redress.
   5  To God at last I prayed;
         thou, Lord, my refuge art,
      My portion in the land of life,
         till life itself depart.
   6  Reduced to greatest straits,
         to thee I make my moan:
      O save me from oppressing foes,
         for me too pow'rful grown.
   7  That I may praise thy name,
         my soul from prison bring;
      Whilst of thy kind regard to me
         assembled saints shall sing.

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