Psalm 143

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  Lord hear my pray'r, and to my cry
         thy wonted audience lend;
      In thy accustomed faith and truth
         a gracious answer send.
   2  Nor at thy strict tribunal bring
         thy servant to be tried;
      For in thy sight no living man
         can e'er be justified.
   3  The spiteful foe pursues my life,
         whose comforts all are fled;
      He drives me into caves as dark
         as mansions of the dead.
   4  My spirit therefore is o'erwhelmed,
         and sinks within my breast;
      My mournful heart grows desolate,
         with heavy woes oppressed.
   5  I call to mind the days of old,
         and wonders thou hast wrought:
      My former dangers and escapes
         employ my musing thought.
   6  To thee my hands in humble pray'r
         I fervently stretch out;
      My soul for thy refreshment thirsts,
         like land oppressed with drought,
   7  Hear me with speed; my spirit fails;
         thy face no longer hide,
      Lest I become forlorn, like them
         that in the grave reside.
   8  Thy kindness early let me hear,
         whose trust on thee depends;
      Teach me the way where I should go;
         my soul to thee ascends.
   9  Do thou, O Lord, from all my foes
         preserve and set me free;
      A safe retreat against their rage
         my soul implores from thee.
  10  Thou art my God, thy righteous will
         instruct me to obey;
      Let thy good Spirit lead and keep
         my soul in thy right way.
  11  O! for the sake of thy great name,
         revive my drooping heart;
      For thy truth's sake, to me, distressed,
         thy promised aid impart.
  12  In pity to my suff'rings, Lord,
         reduce my foes to shame;
      Slay them that persecute a soul
         devoted to thy name.

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