Psalm 145

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1,2  Thee I'll extol, my God and King,
         Thy endless praise proclaim;
      This tribute daily I will bring,
         and ever bless thy name.
  3   Thou, Lord, beyond compare art great,
         and highly to be praised;
      Thy majesty, with boundless height,
         above our knowledge raised.
  4   Renowned for mighty acts, thy fame
         to future times extends;
      From age to age thy glorious name
         successively descends.
 5,6  Whilst I thy glory and renown,
         and wondrous works express;
      The world with me thy might shall own,
         and thy great pow'r confess.
  7   The praise, that to thy love belongs
         they shall with joy proclaim;
      Thy truth of all their grateful songs
         shall be the constant theme.
  8   The Lord is good, fresh acts of grace
         his pity still supplies;
      His anger moves with slowest pace,
         his willing mercy flies.
 9,10 Thy love through earth extends its fame,
         to all thy works expressed;
      These show thy praise, whilst thy great name is
         by thy servants blessed.
   11 They, with the glorious prospect fired,
         shall of thy kingdom speak;
      And thy great pow'r, by all admired,
         their lofty subject make.
   12 God's glorious works of ancient date
         shall thus go all be known;
      And thus his kingdom's royal state
         with public splendor shown.
   13 His steadfast throne, from changes free,
         shall stand for ever fast;
      His boundless sway no end shall see,
         but time itself outlast.
   The Second Part
14,15 The Lord does them support that fall,
         and makes the prostrate rise;
      For his kind aid all creatures call,
         who timely food supplies.
   16 What'er their various wants require,
         with open hand he gives;
      And so fulfils the just desire
         of ev'ry thing that lives.
17,18 How holy is the Lord, how just,
         how righteous all his ways!
      How night o him, who with firm trust
         for his assistance prays!
   19 He grants the full desires of those
         who him with fear adore;
      And will their troubles soon compose,
         when they his aid implore.
   20 The Lord preserves all those with care
         whom grateful love employs;
      But sinners, who his vengeance dare,
         with furious rage destroys.
   21 My time to come, in praises spend,
         shall still advance his fame,
      And all mankind, with one consent,
         for ever bless his name.

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