Psalm 146

Words: Brady and Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1,2  O Praise the Lord, and thou, my soul
         forever bless his name;
      His wondrous love, while life shall last,
         my constant praise shall claim.
   3  On kings, the greatest sons of men,
         let none for aid rely;
      They cannot save in dang'rous times,
         nor timely help apply.
   4  Deprived of breath, to dust they turn,
         and there neglected lie,
      And all their thoughts and vain designs
         together with them die.
   5  Then happy he, who Jacob's God
         for his protector takes;
      Who still with well placed hope the Lord
         his constant refuge makes.
   6  The Lord, who made both heav'n and earth,
         and all that they contain,
      Will never quit his steadfast truth,
         nor make his promise vain.
   7  The poor oppressed from all their wrongs
         are eased by his decree;
      He gives the hungry needful food,
         and sets the pris'ners free.
   8  By him the blind receive their sight,
         the weak and fall'n he rears;
      With kind regard and tender love
         he for the righteous cares.
   9  The strangers he preserves from harm,
         the orphan kindly treats,
      Defends the widow, and the wiles
         of wicked men defeats.
  10  The God that does in Zion dwell
         is our eternal King:
      From age to age his reign endures;
         let all his praises sing.

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