Psalm 147

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  O Praise the Lord with hymns of joy,
         and celebrate his fame;
      For pleasant, good, and comely 'tis
         to praise his holy Nam
   2  His holy city God will build,
         though leveled with the ground;
      Bring back his people, though dispersed
         through all the nations round.
 3,4  He kindly heals the broken hearts,
         and all their wounds doth close;
      He tells the number of the stars,
         their several names he knows.
 5,6  Great is the Lord, and great his pow'r,
         his wisdom has no bound;
      The meek he raises, but throws down
         the wicked to the ground.
   7  To God, the Lord, a hymn of praise
         with grateful voices sing;
      To songs of triumph tune the harp,
         and strike each warbling string.
   8  He covers heav'n with clouds, and thence
         refreshing rain bestows;
      Through him, on mountain tops, the grass
         With wondrous plenty grows.
   9  He savage beasts, that loosely range,
         with timely food supplies;
      He feeds the raven's tender brood,
         and stops their hungry cries.
  10  He values not the warlike steed,
         but doth his strength disdain;
      The nimble foot, that swiftly runs,
         no prize from him can gain.
  11  But he, to him that fears his name,
         his tender love extends;
      To him that on his boundless grace
         with steadfast hope depends.
12,13 Let Zion and Jerusalem
         to God their praise address,
      Who fenced their gates with massy bars,
         and does their children bless.
14,15 Through all their borders he gives peace,
         with finest wheat they're fed;
      He speaks the word, and what he wills
         is done as soon as said.
  16  Large flakes of snow, like fleecy wool,
         descend at his command;
      And hoary frost, like ashes spread,
         is scattered o'er the land.
  17  When, joined to these, he does his hail
         in little morsels break
      Who can against his piercing cold
         secure defenses make?
  18  He sends his word, which melts the ice;
         he makes his wind to blow;
      And soon the streams, congealed before,
         in plenteous currents flow.
  19  By him his statutes and decrees
         to Jacob's sons were shown;
      And  still to Isreal's chosen seed
         his righteous laws are known.
  20  No other nation this can boast,
         nor did he e'er afford
      To heathen lands his oracles,
         and knowledge of his word.

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