Psalm 15

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  Lord, who's the happy man that may
         to thy blest courts repair?
      Not, stranger-like, to visit them,
         but to inhabit there?
   2  'Tis he, whose ev'ry thought and deed
         by rules of virtue moves;
      Whose gen'rous tongue disdains to speak
         the thing his heart disproves.
   3  Who never did a slander forge
         his neighbor's fame to wound;
      Nor hearken to a false report,
         by malice whispered round.
   4  Who vice, in all its pomp and pow'r,
         can treat with just neglect;
      And piety, thought clothed in rags,
         religiously respect.
   5  Who to his plighted vows and trust
         has ever firmly stood;
      And, though he promise to his loss,
         he makes his promise good.
   6  Whose soul in usury disdains
         his treasure to employ;
      Who no rewards can ever bribe
         the guiltless to destroy.
   7  The man, who by this steady course
         has happiness insured,
      When earth's foundation shakes, shall stand,
         by Providence secured.

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