Psalm 17

Words: Brady and Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David

Common Metre Tunes

   1  To just plea and sad complaint,
         attend, O righteous Lord,
      And to my pray'r, as 'tis unfeigned,
         a gracious ear afford.
   2  As in thy sight I am approved,
         so let my sentence be;
      And with impartial eyes, O Lord,
         my upright dealing see.
   3  For thou hast searched my heart by day, 
         and visited by night;
      And on the strictest trial found
         its secret motions right.
      Nor shall thy justice, Lord, alone
         my heart's designs acquit;
      For I have purposed that my tongue
         shall no offence commit.
   4  I know what wicked men would do
         their safety to maintain;
      But me thy just and mild commands
          from bloody paths restrain.
   5  That I may still, in spite of wrongs,
         my innocence secure;
      O guide me in thy righteous ways,
         and make my footsteps sure.
   6  Since heretofore I ne'er in vain
         to thee my pray'r addressed;
      O now, my God, incline thine ear
         to this my just request.
   7  The wonders of thy truth and love
         in my defense engage;
      Thou, whose right hand preserves thy saints 
         from their oppressors' rage.
  The Second Part. 
 8,9  O! keep me in thy tend'rest care;
         thy shelt'ring wings stretch out,
      To guard me safe from savage foes,
         that compass me about.
  10  O'ergrown with luxury, enclosed
         in their own fat they lie;
      And with a proud blaspheming mouth
         both God and man defy.
  1l  Well may they boast, for they have now
         my paths encompassed round;
      Their eyes at watch, their bodies bowed,
         and crouching on the ground,
  12  In posture of a lion set,
         when greedy of his prey;
      Or a young lion, when he lurks
         within a covert way.
  13  Arise, O Lord, defeat their plots,
         their swelling rage control;
      From wicked men, who are thy sword,
         deliver thou my soul.
  14  From worldly men, thy sharpest scourge, 
         whose portion's here below;
      Who, filled with earthly stores, desire
         no other bliss to know.
  15  Their race is num'rous that partake
         their substance while they live:
      Their heirs survive, to whom they may
         the vast remainder give.
  16  But I, in uprightness, thy face
         shall view without control;
      And, waking, shall its image find
         reflected in my soul.

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