Psalm 19

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1  The heav'ns declare thy glory, Lord,
       which that alone can fill;
    The firmament and stars express
       their great Creator's skill. 

 2  The dawn of each returning day
       fresh beams of knowledge brings;
    From darkest night's successive rounds
       divine instruction springs. 

 3  Their pow'rful language to no realm
       or region is confined;
    'Tis nature's voice, and understood
       alike by all mankind. 

 4  Their doctrine does its sacred sense
       through earth's extent display;
    Whose bright contents the circling sun
       does round the world convey. 

 5  No bridegroom, for his nuptials dressed,
       has such a cheerful face;
    No giant does like him rejoice
       to run his glorious race. 

 6  From east to west, from west to east,
       his restless course he goes;
    And through his progress cheerful light
       and vital warmth bestows. 
The Second Part. 
 7  God's perfect law converts the soul,
       reclaims from false desires;
    With sacred wisdom his sure word
       the ignorant inspires. 

 8  The statutes of the Lord are just,
       and bring sincere delight;
    His pure commands, in search of truth,
       assist the feeblest sight. 

 9  His perfect worship here is fixed,
       on sure foundations laid;
    His equal laws are in the scales
       of truth and justice weighed. 

10  Of more esteem than golden mines,
       or gold refined with skill;
    More sweet than honey, or the drops
       that from the comb distil. 

11  My trusty counselors they are,
       and friendly warnings give;
    Divine rewards attend on those
       who by thy precepts live. 

12  But what frail man observes how oft
       he does from virtue fall?
    O cleanse me from my secret faults,
       thou God that know'st them all. 

13  Let no presumptuous sin, O Lord,
       dominion have o'er me;
    That, by thy grace preserved, I may
       the great transgression flee. 

14  So shall my pray'r and praises be
       with thy acceptance blest;
    And I, secure on thy defense,
       my strength and Savior, rest.

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