Psalm 20

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1  The Lord to thy request attend,
       and hear thee in distress:
    The name of Jacob's God defend,
       and grant thy arms success.

 2  To aid thee from on high repair,
       and strength from Zion give;
 3  Remember all thy off'rings there,
       thy sacrifice receive.

 4  To compass thy own heart's desire,
       thy counsels still direct;
    Make kindly all events conspire
       to bring them to effect.

 5  To thy salvation, Lord, for aid
       we cheerfully repair,
    With banners in thy name displayed,
       "The Lord accept thy pray'r."

 6  Our hopes are fixed, that now the Lord
       our sov'reign will defend;
    From heav'n resistless aid afford,
       and to his prayer attend.

 7  Some trust in steeds for war designed,
       on chariots some rely;
    against them all we'll call to mind
       the pow'r of God most high.

 8  But, from their steeds and chariots thrown,
       behold them through the plain,
    Disordered, broke, and trampled down,
       whilst firm our troops remain.

 9  Still save us, Lord, and still proceed
       our rightful cause to bless;
    Hear, King of Heav'n, in times of need,
       the pray'rs that we address.  

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