Psalm 21

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1  The King, O lord, with songs of praise
       shall in thy strength rejoice;
    With thy salvation crowned, shall raise
       to heav'n his cheerful voice.

 2  For thou, what'er his lips request,
       not only didst impart;
    But hast with thy acceptance blest
       the wishes of his heart.

 3  Thy goodness and thy tender care
       have all his hopes outgone;
    A crown of gold thou mad'st him wear<
       and sett'st it firmly on.

 4  He prayed for life, and thou, O Lord,
       didst his short span extend;
    And graciously to him afford
       a life that ne'er shall end.

 5  Thy sure defense through nations round
       has spread his glorious name;
    And his successful actions crowned
       with majesty and fame.

 6  Eternal blessings thou bestow'st,
       and mak'st his joys increase;
    Whilst thou to him unclouded show'st
       the brightness of thy face.  
    The Second Part  
 7  Because the king on God alone
       for timely aid relies;
    His mercy still supports his throne,
       and all his wants supplies.

 8  But, righteous Lord, thy stubborn foes
       shall feel thy heavy hand;
    Thy vengeful arm shall find out those
       that hate thy mild command.

 9  When thou against them dost engage,
       thy just but dreadful doom
    Shall, like a glowing oven's rage,
       their hopes and them consume.

10  Nor shall thy furious anger cease,
       or with their ruin end;
    But root out all their guilty race,
       and to their seed extend.

11  For all their thoughts were sit on ill,
       their hearts on malice bent;
    But thou, with watchful care, didst still
       the ill effects prevent.

12  In vain, by shameful flight, they'll try
       to 'scape thy dreadful might,
    While thy swift darts shall faster fly,
       and gall them in their flight.

14  Thus, Lord, thy wondrous strength disclose,
       and thus exalt thy fame;
    Whilst we glad songs of praise compose
       to thy Almighty Name.  

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