Psalm 24

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1  This spacious earth is all the Lord's,
       the Lord's her fullness is.
    The world, and they that dwell therein,
       by sov'reign right are his.

 2  He framed and fixed it on the seas,
       and his Almighty hand
    Upon inconstant floods has made
       the stable fabric stand.

 3  But for himself this Lord of all
       one chosen seat designed;
    O! who shall to that sacred hill
      desired admittance find!

 4  The man whose hands and heart are pure,
       whose thoughts from pride are free;
    Who honest poverty prefers
       to gainful perjury.

 5  This, this is he, on whom the Lord
       shall show'r his blessings down,
    Who God his Savior shall vouchsafe
       with righteousness to crown.

 6  Such is the race of saints, by whom
       the sacred courts are trod;
    And such the proselytes that seek
       the face of Jacob's God.

 7  Erect your heads, eternal gates,
       unfold to entertain
    The King of Glory; see, he comes
       with his celestial train.

 8  Who is this King of glory? Who?
       The Lord for strength renowned;
    In battle mighty, o'er his foes
       eternal victor crowned.

 9  Erect your heads, ye gates, unfold
       in state to entertain
    The King of glory; see, he comes
       with all his shining train.

10  Who is this King of glory? who?
       The Lord of hosts renowned;
    Of glory he alone is king,
       who is with glory crowned.

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