Psalm 27

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  Whom should I fear, since God to me
         is saving health and light?
      Since strongly he my life supports, 
         what can my soul affright.

   2  With fierce intent my flesh to tear,
         when foes beset me round,
      They stumbled, and their lofty crests
         were made to strike the ground.

   3  Through him my heart, undaunted, dares
         with num'rous hosts to cope;
      Through him in doubtful straits of war,
         for good success I hope.

   4  Henceforth within his house to dwell
         I earnestly desire,
      His wondrous beauty there to view,
         and his blest will enquire.

   5  For there may I with comfort rest,
         in times of deep distress;
      And safe as on a rock abide,
         in that secure recess;

   6  Whilst God o'er all my haughty foes
         my lofty head shall raise,
      And I my joyful off'ring bring,
         and sing glad songs of praise.

   The Second Part.

   7  Continue, Lord, to hear my voice,
         whene'er to thee I cry;
      In mercy all my pray'rs receive,
         nor my requests deny.

   8  When us to seek thy glorious face
         thou kindly dost advise;
      "Thy glorious face I'll always seek,"
         my grateful heart replies.

   9  Then hide not thou thy face, O Lord,
         nor me in wrath reject;
      My God and Saviour, leave not him
         thou didst so oft protect.

  10  Though all my friends and nearest kin
         their helpless charge forsake,,
      Yet thou, whose love excels them all,
         wilt care and pity take.

  11  Instruct me in thy paths, O Lord,
         my ways directly guide;
      Lest envious men, who watch my steps,
         should see me tread aside.

  12  Lord, disappoint my cruel foes,
         defeat their ill desire,
      Whose lying lips and, bloody hands
         against my peace conspire.

  13  I trusted that my future life
         should with thy love be crowned,
      Or else my fainting soul had sunk,
         with sorrow compassed round.

  14  God's time with patient faith expect,
         and he'll inspire thy breast
      With inward strength; do thou thy part,
         and leave to him the rest.  

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