Psalm 28

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  O Lord, my rock, to thee I cry,
         in sighs consume my breath;
      O answer, or I shall become
         like those that sleep in death.

   2  Regard my supplication, Lord,
         the cries that I repeat,
      With weeping eyes and lifted hands
         before thy mercy seat.

   3  Let me escape the sinners' doom,
         who make a trade of ill;
      And ever speak the person fair,
         whose blood they mean to spill.

   4  According to their crimes' extent
         let justice have its course:
      Relentless be to them as they
         have sinned without remorse.

   5  Since they the works of God despise,
         nor will his grace adore;
      His wrath shall utterly destroy,
         and build them up no more.

   6  But I, with due acknowledgment,
         his praises will resound,
      From whom the cries of my distress
         a gracious answer found.

   7  My heart its confidence reposed
         in God, my strength and shield;
      In him I trusted, and returned
         triumphant from the field.

      As he hath made my joys complete,
         'tis just that I should raise
      The cheerful tribute of my thanks,
         and thus resound his praise.

   8  "His aiding pow'r supports the troops
         that my just cause maintain:
      T'was he advanced me to the throne,
         'tis he secures my reign."

   9  Preserve thy chosen, and proceed
         thine heritage to bless;
      With plenty prosper them in peace;
         in battle with success.  

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