Psalm 29

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  Ye princes that in might excel,
         your grateful sacrifice prepare;
      God's glorious actions loudly tell,
         his wondrous pow'r to all declare.

   2  To his great Name fresh altars raise,
         devoutly due respect afford;
      Him in his holy temple praise,
         where he's with solemn state adored.

   3  Tis he that with amazing noise,
         the wat'ry clouds in sunder breaks;
      The ocean trembles at his voice,
         when he from heav'n in thunder speaks.

 4,5  How full of power his voice appears!
         With what majestic terror crowned!
      Which from their roots tall cedars tears,
         and strews their scattered branches round.

   6  They, and the hills on which they grow,
         are sometimes hurried far away;
      And leap like hinds that bounding go,
         or unicorns in youthful play.

 7,8  When God in thunder loudly speaks,
         and scattered flames of lightning sends,
      The forest nods, the desert quakes,
         and stubborn Kadesh lowly bends.

      He makes the hinds to cast their young,
         and lays the beasts' dark coverts bare;
      While those that to his courts belong
         securely sing his praises there.

10,11 God rules the angry floods on high;
         his boundless sway shall never cease;
      His people he'll with strength supply,
         and bless his own with constant peace.

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