Psalm 32

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1  He's blessed whose sins have pardon gained,
       no more in judgement to appear;
 2  Whose guile remission has obtained,
       and whose repentance is sincere.

 3  While I concealed the fretting sore,
       my bones consumed without relief;
    All day did I with anguish roar,
       but no complaint assuaged my grief.

 4  Heavy on me thy hand remained
       by day and night alike distressed;
    Till quite of vital moisture drained,
       like land with summer's drought oppressed.

 5  No sooner I my wound disclosed,
       the guilt that tortured me within,
    But thy forgiveness interposed,
       and mercy's healing balm poured in.

 6  True penitents shall thus succeed,
       who see, thee whilst thou may'st be found;
    And, from the common deluge freed
       shall see remorseless sinners drowned.

 7  Thy favor, Lord, in all distress,
       my tow'r of refuge I must own;
    Thou shalt my haughty foes suppress
       and me with songs of triumph crown.

 8  In my instruction then confide,
       you that would truth's safe pad descry;
    Your progress I'll securely guide,
       and keep you in my watchful eye.

 9  Submit yourselves to wisdom's rule,
       like men that reason have attained;
    Not like th' ungoverned horse and mule,
       whose fury must be curbed and reined.

10  Sorrows on sorrows multiplied
       the hardened sinner shall confound,
    But them who in his truth confide,
       blessings of mercy shall surround.

11  His saints that have performed his laws
       their life in triumph shall employ;
    Let them, as they alone have cause,
       in grateful raptures shout for joy.

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