Psalm 33

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


  1  Let all the just to God with joy
        their cheerful voices raise,
     For well the righteous it becomes
          to sing glad songs of praise.

2,3  Let harps, and psalteries, and lutes
        in joyful concert meet,
     And new-made songs of loud applause
        the harmony complete.

4,5  For faithful is the word of God,
        his works with truth abound;
     He justice loves, and all the earth
        is with his goodness crowned.

  6  By his Almighty word at first
        heav'ns glorious arch was reared,
     And all the beauteous hosts of light
        at this command appeared.

  7  The swelling floods, together rolled,
        he makes in heaps to lie;
     And lays, as in a storehouse safe,
        the wat'ry treasures by.

8,9  Let earth and all that dwell therein
        before him trembling stand;
     For when he spoke the world was made,
        'twas fixed at his command.

 10  He, when the heathen closely plot,
        their counsels undermines,
     His wisdom ineffectual makes
        the people's rash designs.  
 11  Whate'er the mighty Lord decrees
        shall stand for ever sure;
     The settled purpose of his heart
        to ages shall endure.
The Second Part
 12  How happy then are they, to whom
       the Lord for God is known!
     Whom he from all the world besides
        has chosen for his own!

     He all the nations of the earth
        from heav'n, his throne, surveyed;
     He saw their works, and viewed their thoughts,
        by him their hearts were made.

     No king is save by num'rous hosts,
        their strength the strong deceives;
     No managed horse, by force of speed,
        his warlike rider saves.

     'Tis God, who those that trust in him
        beholds with gracious eyes;
     He frees their soul from death, their want
        in time of dearth supplies.

     Our soul on God with patience waits,
        our help and shield is he;
     Then, Lord, let still our hearts rejoice,
        because we trust in thee.

 22  The riches of thy mercy, Lord,
        do thou to us extend;
     Since we for all we want or wish
        on thee alone depend.

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