Psalm 36

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  My crafty foe, with flattr'ing art,
         his wicked purpose would disguise
      But reason whispers to my heart, 
         he ne'er sets God before his eyes.
   2  He soothes himself, retired from sight, 
         secure he thinks his treach'rous game
      Till his dark plots, exposed to light,
         their false contriver brand with shame.

   3  In deeds he is my foe confessed,
         Whilst with his tongue he speaks me fair;
      True wisdom's banished from his breast, 
         and vice has sole dominion there.
   4  His wakeful malice spends the night
         in forging his accursed designs;
      His obstinate ungen'rous spite
         no execrable means declines.

   5  But, Lord, thy mercy, my sure hope,
         above the heav'nly orb ascends;
      Thy sacred truth's unmeasured scope
         beyond the spreading sky extends.
   6  Thy justice, like the hills, remains;
         unfathomed depths thy judgments are;
      Thy providence the world sustains;
         the whole creation is thy care.

   7  Since of thy goodness all partake,
         with what assurance should the just
      Thy shelt'ring wings their refuge make, 
         and saints to thy protection trust.
   8  Such guests shall to thy courts be led 
         to banquet on thy love's repast;
      And drink, as from a fountain's head,
         of joys that shall for ever last.

   9  With thee the springs of life remain;
         thy presence is eternal day:
  10  O! let thy saints thy favor gain;
         to upright hearts thy truth display.
  11  Whilst pride's insulting foot would spurn, 
         and wicked hands my life surprise;
  12  Their mischiefs on themselves return; 
         down, down they're fall'n, no more to rise.

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