Psalm 39

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  Resolved to watch o'er all my ways, 
         I kept my tongue, in awe;
      I curbed my hasty words wheu I
         the wicked prosp'rous saw.

   2  Like one that's dumb I silent stood,
         and did my tongue refrain
      From good discourse; but that restraint
         increased my inward pain.

   3  My heart did glow, which working thoughts 
         did hot and restless make;
      And warm reflections fanned the fire,
         till thus at length I spake:

   4  Lord, let me know my term of days,
         how soon my life will end;
      The num'rous train of ills disclose,
         which this frail state attend,

   5  My life, thou know'st, is but a span,
         a cypher sums my years;
      And ev'ry man, in best estate,
         but vanity appears.

   6  Man like a shadow vainly walks,
         with fruitless cares oppressed;
      He heaps up. wealth, but cannot tell
         by whom 'twill be possessed.

   7  Why then should I on worthless toys
         with anxious care attend!
      On thee alone my steadfast hope
         shall ever, Lord, depend.

 8,9  Forgive my sins, nor let me scorned
         by foolish sinners be;
      For I was dumb, and murmured not,
         because 'twas done by thee.

  10  The dreadful burden of thy wrath
         in mercy soon remove;
      Lest my frail flesh too weak to bear
         the heavy load should prove.

  11  For when thou chast'nest man for sin
         thou mak'st his beauty fade,
      (So vain a thing is he,) like cloth
         by fretting moths decayed.

  12  Lord, hear my cry, accept my tears,
         and listen to my pray'r;
      Who sojourn like a stranger here,
         as all my fathers were.

  13  O spare me yet a little time,
         my wasted strength restore;
      Before I vanish quite from hence,
         and shall be seen no more.

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