Psalm 40

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  I waited meekly for the Lord,
         till he vouchsafed a kind reply;
      Who did his gracious ear afford,
         and heard from heav'n my humble cry.

   2  He took me from the dismal pit,
         when foundered deep in miry clay;
      On solid ground he placed my feet,
         and suffered not my steps to stray.

   3  The wonders he for me has wrought
         shall fill my mouth with songs of praise;
      And others, to his worship brought,
         to hopes of like deliverance raise,

   4  For blessings shall that man reward,
         who on th' Almighty Lord relies;
      Who treats the proud with disregard,
         and hates the hypocrite's disguise.

   5  Who can the wondrous works recount, 
         which thou, O God, for us hast wrought!
      The treasures of thy love surmount 
         the pow'r of numbers, speech, and thought.

   6  I've learnt, that thou hast not desired
         off'rings and sacrifice alone;
      Nor blood of guiltless beasts required
         for man's transgression to atone.

   7  I therefore come--come to fulfil
         the oracles thy books impart:
   8  'Tis my delight to do thy will;
         thy law 'tis written in my heart.

   The Second Part.

   9  In full assemblies I have told
         thy truth and righteousness at large;
      Nor did, thou know'st, my lips withhold 
         from utt'ring what thou gav'st in charge.

  10  Nor kept within my breast confined
         thy faithfulness and saving grace;
      But preached thy love, for all designed,
         that all might that and truth embrace.

  11  Then let those mercies I declared
         to others, Lord, extend to me;
      Thy loving-kindness my reward,
         thy truth my save protection be.

  12  For I with troubles am distressed,
         too vast and numberless to bear;
      Nor less with loads of guilt oppressed,
         that plunge and sink me to despair.

  13  As soon, alas! may I recount
         the hairs on this afflicted head:
      My vanquished courage they surmount,
         and fill my drooping soul with dread.

   The Third Part.

  14  But, Lord, to my relief draw near,
         for never was more pressing need !
      In my deliv'rance, Lord, appear,
         and add to that deliv'rence speed.

  15  Confusion on their heads return,
         who to, destroy my soul combine;
      Let them, defeated, blush and mourn,
         ensnared in their own vile design.

  16  Their doom let desolation be,
         with shame their malice be repaid,
      Who mocked my confidence in thee,
         And sport of my affliction made:

  17  While those, who humbly seek thy face, 
         to joyful triumphs shall be raised ;
      And all. who prize thy saving grace
         with me, resound, The Lord be praised.

  18  Thus, wretched though I am and poor, 
         of me th'Almighty Lord takes care;
      Thou, God, who only can'st restore,
         to my relief with speed repair.

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