Psalm 41

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  Happy the man whose tender care 
         relieves the poor distressed;
      When he's by trouble compassed round
         the Lord shall give him rest.

   2  The Lord his life, with blessings crowned, 
         ln safety shall prolong;
      And disappoint the will of those
         that seek to do him wrong.

   3  If he in languishing estate,
         oppressed with sickness lie;
      The Lord will easy make his bed,
         and inward strength supply.

   4  Secure of this, to thee, my God,
         I thus my pray'r addressed:
      "Lord, for thy mercy, heal my soul, 
         though I have much transgressed,

   5  My cruel foes, with sland'rous words, 
         attempt to wound my fame;
      "When shall he die, (say they,) and men 
         forget his very name?"

   6  Suppose they formal visits make,
         'tis all but empty show,
      They gather mischief in their hearts,
         and vent it where they go.

 7,8  With private whispers such as these, 
         to hurt me they devise: ,
      "A sore disease afflicts him now,
         he's fall'n no more to rise."

   9  My own familiar bosom friend,
         on whom I most relied,
      Has me, whose daily guest he was,
         with open scorn defied.

  10  But thou my sad and wretched state
         in mercy, Lord, regard;
      And raise me up, that all their crimes
         may meet their just reward.

  11  By this I know thy gracious ear
         is open when I call;
      Because thou suffr'st not my foes
         to triumph in my fall.

  12  Thy tender care secures my life
         from danger and disgrace;
      And thou vouchsaf'st to set me still
         before thy glorious face.

  13  Let therefore Israel's Lord and God
         from age to age be blessed;
      And all the people's glad applause
         with loud Amens expressed.

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