Psalm 43

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1  Just Judge of heav'n, against my foes
       do thou assert my injured right;
    O set me free, my God, from those
       that in deceit and wrong delight.

 2  Since thou art still my only stay,
       why leav'st thou me in deep distress?
    Why go I mourning all the day
       whilst me insulting foes oppress?

 3  Let me with light and truth be blest,
       be these my guides, and lead the way
    Till on thy holy hill I rest,
       and in thy sacred temple pray.

 4  Then will I there fresh altars raise
       to God, who is my only joy;
    And well tuned harps, with songs of praise,
       shall all my grateful hours employ.

 5  Why then cast down, my soul? And why 
       so much oppressed with anxious care?
    On God, thy God, for aid rely,
       who will thy ruined state repair.

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