Psalm 45

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  While I the King's loud praise rehearse,
         indited by my heart,
      My tongue is like the pen of him
         that writes with ready art.

   2  How matchless is thy form, O King!
         thy mouth with grace o'erflows;
      Because fresh blessings God on thee
         eternally bestows.

   3  Gird on thy sword, most mighty prince;
         and, clad in rich array,
      With glorious ornaments of pow'r
         majestic pomp display.

   4  Ride on in state, and still protect
         the meek, the just, and true;
      Whilst thy right hand with swift revenge
         does all thy foes pursue.

   5  How sharp thy weapons are to them,
         that dare thy pow'r despise!
      Down, down they fall, while through their heart
         the feathered arrow flies.

   6  But thy firm throne, O God, is fixed
         for ever to endure;
      Thy scepter's sway shall always last,
         by righteous laws secure.

   7  Because thy heart, by justice led,
         did upright ways approve,
      And hated still the crooked paths
         Where wand'ring sinners rove:

      Therefore did God, thy God, on thee
         the oil of gladness shed;
      And hath above thy fellows round,
         advanced thy lofty head.

   8  With cassia, aloes, and myrrh,
         thy royal robes abound;
      Which, from the stately wardrobe brought,
         spread grateful odors round.

   9  Among thine honorable train
         did princely virgins wait;
      The queen was placed at thy right hand
         in golden robes of state.

   The Second part.

  10  But thou, O royal bride, give ear,
         and to, my words attend;
      Forget thy native country now,
         and evry former friend,

  11  So shall thy beauty charm the King;
         nor shall his love decay:
      For he is now become, thy Lord;
         to him due rev'rence pay.

  12  The Tyrian matrons, rich and proud,
         shall humble presents made;
      And all the wealthy nations sue
         thy favor to partake.

  13  The King's fair daughter's beauteous soul
         all inward graces fill;
      Her raiment is of purest gold,,
         adorned with costly skill.

  14  She, in her nuptial garments dressed,
         with needles richly wrought,
      Attended by her virgin train,
         shall to the King be brought.

  15  With all the state of solemn joy
         the triumph moves along,
      Till with wide gates the royal court
         receives the pompous throng.

  16  Thou, in thy royal father's room,
         must princely sons expect;
      Whom thou to diff'rent realms may'st send
         to govern and protect.

  17  Whilst this my song to future times
         transmits thy glorious Name;
      And makes the world, with one consent,
         thy lasting praise proclaim.

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