Psalm 47

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1,2  All ye people clap your hands,
      and with triumphant voices sing;
      No force the mighty power withstands,
      of God, the universal King.

 3,4  He shall opposing nations quell,
      and with success our battles fight,
      Shall fix the place where we must dwell, 
      the pride of Jacob, his delight.

 5,6  God is gone up, our Lord and King,
      with shouts of joy and trumpet's sound;
      To him repeated praises sing,
      and let the cheerful song go round.

 7,8  Your utmost skill in praise be shown,
      for him, who all the world commands;
      Who sits upon his righteous throne,
      and spreads his sway o'er heathen lands.

   9  Our chiefs and tribes that far from hence, 
      to serve the God of Abr'am came,
      Found him their constant sure defense:
      how great and glorious is his Name!

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