Psalm 48

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  The Lord, the only God, is great,
         and greatly to be praised
      In Zion on whose happy mount
         his sacred throne is raised.

   2  Her tow'rs, the joy of all the earth,
         with beauteous prospect rise,
      On her north side th' mighty King's
         imperial city lies.

   3  God inher palaces is known;
         his presence is her guard:
   4  Confed'rate kings withdrew their siege,
         and success despaired.

   5  They viewed her walls; admired and fled,
         with grief and terror struck;
   6  Like women whom the sudden pangs
         of travail had o'ertook.

   7  No wretched crew of mariners
         appear like them forlorn,
      When fleets from Tarsish' wealthy coasts 
         by eastern winds are torn.

   8  In Zion we have seen performed
         a work that was foretold;
      In pledge that God, for times to come,
         his city will uphold.

   9  Not in our fortresses and walls
         did we, O God confide;
      But on the temple fixed our hopes,
         in which thou dost reside.

  10  According to thy sov'reign Name,
         thy praise through earth extends;
      Thy pow'rful arm, as justice guides,
         chastises or defends.

  11  Let Zion's mount with joy resound,
         her daughters all be taught
      In songs his judgments to extol,
         Who this deliv'rance wrought.

  12  Compass her walls in solemn pomp,
         your eyes quite round her cast;
      Count all her tow'rs, and see if there
         you find one stone displaced.

  13  Her forts and palaces survey,
         observe their order well;
      That with assurance to your heirs
         this wonder you may tell.

  14  This God is ours, and will be ours,
         while we in him confide;
      Who, as he has preserved us now,
         till death will be our guide.

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