Psalm 51

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1     Have mercy, Lord, on me,
         as thou wert ever kind; 
      Let me, oppressed with loads of guilt, 
         thy wonted mercy find.

   2     Wash off my foul offence,
         and cleanse me from my sin;
      For I confess my crime, and see
         how great my guilt has been.

   4     Against thee, Lord, alone,
         and only in thy sight
      Have I transgressed, and tho' condemned, 
         must own my juugments right.

   5     In guilt each part was formed
         of all this sinful frame;
      In guilt I was conceived, and born
         the heir of sin and shame.

   6     Yet thou; whose searching eye
         doth inward truth require,
      In secret didst with wisdom's laws
          my tender soul inspire.

   7     With hyssop purge me, Lord,
         and so I clean shall be;
      I shall with snow in whiteness vie,
         when purified by thee.

   8     Make me to hear with joy
         thy kind forgiving voice;
      That so the bones which thou hast broke
         may with fresh strength rejoice.

 9,10    Blot out my crying sins,
         nor me in anger view;
      Create in me a heart that's clean,
         an upright mind renew.

   The Second Part.

  11     Withdraw not thou thy help,
         nor cast me from thy sight;
      Nor let thy holy Spirit take
         its everlasting flight.

  12     The joy thy favor gives
         let me again obtain;
      And thy free Spirit's firm support
         my fainting soul sustain.

  13     So I thy righteous ways
         to sinners will impart,
      Whilst my advice shall wicked men
         to thy just laws convert.

  14     My guilt of blood remove,
         my Saviour and my God:
      And my glad tongue shall loudly tell
         thy righteous acts abroad.

  15     Do thou unlock my lips,
         with sorrow closed and shame;
      So shall my mouth thy wondrous praise
         to all the world proclaim.

  16     Could sacrifice atone,
         whole flocks and herds should die
      But on such off'rings thou disdain'st
         to cast a gracious eye.

  17     A broken spirit is
         by God most highly prized;
      By him a broken contrite heart
         shall never be despised.

  18     Let Zion favor find,
         of thy good-will assured;
      And thy own city flourish long,
         by lofty walls secured.

  19     The just shall then attend,
         and pleasing tribute pay;
      And sacrifice of choicest kind
         upon thy altar lay.

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