Psalm 52

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  In vain, O man of lawless might,
         thou boast'st thyself in ill;
      Since God, the God in Whom I trust,
         vouchsafes his favor still.

   2  Thy wicked tongue doth sland'rous tales
         maliciously devise;
      And, sharper than a razor set,
         it wounds with treach'rous lies.

 3,4  Thy thoughts are more on ill than good, 
         on lies than truth employed;
      Thy tongue delights in words, by which
         the guiltless axe destroyed.

   5  God shall for ever blast thy hopes,
         and snatch thee soon away;
      Nor in thy dwelling-place permit,
         nor in the world to stay.

   6  The just, with pious fear, shall see
         the downfall of thy pride;
      And at thy sudden ruin laugh,
         and thus thy fall deride:

   7  "See there the man that haughty was,
         who proudly God defied,
      "Who trusted in his wealth, and still
         on wicked arts relied."

   8  But I am like those olive plants
         that shade God's temple round;
      And hope with his indulgent grace
         to be for ever crowned.

   9  So shall my soul with praise, O God,
         extol thy wondrous love;
      And on thy Name with patience wait;
         for this thy saints approve.

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