Psalm 54

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1,2  Lord, save me, for thy glorious Name, 
         and in thy strength appear,
      To judge my cause, accept my pray'r, 
         and to my words give ear.

   3  Mere strangers, whom I never wronged,
         to ruin me designed;
      And cruel men, that fear no God,
         against my soul combined.

 4,5  But God takes part with all my friends, 
         and he's the surest guard;
      The God of truth shall give my foes
         their falsehood's just reward:

   6  While I my grateful off'rings bring,
         and sacrifice with joy;
      And in his praise my time to come
         delightfully employ.

   7  From dreadful danger and distress
         the Lord hath set me free;
      Through him shall I of all my foes
         the just destruction see.

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