Psalm 55

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  Give ear, thou Judge of all the earth,
         and listen when I pray;
      Nor from thy humble suppliant turn
         thy glorious face away.

   2  Attend to this my sad complaint,
         and hear my grievous moans;
      Whilst I my mournful case declare
         with artless sighs and groans.

   3  Hark, how the foe insults aloud!
         how fierce oppressors rage!
      Whose sland'rous tongues, with wrathful hate, 
         against my fame engage.

 4,5  My heart is racked with pain, my soul 
         with deadly frights distressed;
      With fear and trembling compassed round,
         with horror quite oppressed.

   6  How often wished I then, that I
         the dove's swift wings could get;
      That I might take my speedy flight,
         and seek a safe retreat.

 7,8  Then would I wander far from hence,
         and in wild deserts stray,
      Till all this furious storm were spent,
         this tempest past away.

   The Second Part.

   9  Destroy, O Lord, their ill designs,
         their counsels soon divide;
      For through the city my grieved eyes
         have strife and rapine spied.

  10  By day and night on ev'ry wall
         they walked their constant round;
      And in the midst of all her strength
         are grief and mischief found.

  11  Whoe'er through ev'ry part shall roam,
         with fresh disorders meet;
      Deceit and guile their constant posts
         maintain in ev'ry street.

  12  For 'twas not any open foe
         that false reflections made;
      For then I could with ease have borne
         the bitter things he said:

      'Twas none who hatred had professed,
         that did against me rise;
      For then I had withdrawn myself
         from his malicious eyes.

13,14 But 'twas e'en thou, my guide, my friend, 
         whom tend'rest love did join;
      Whose sweet advice I valued most,
         whose pray'rs were mixed with mine.

  15  Sure vengeance, equal to their crimes,
         such traitors must surprise:
      And sudden death requite those ills,
         they wickedly devise.

16,17 But I will call on God, who still
         shall in my aid appear;
      At morn, at noon, at night I'll pray,
         and he my voice shall hear.

   The Third Part.

  18  God has released my soul from those
         that did with me contend;
      And made a num'rous host of friends
         my righteous cause defend.

  19  For he, who was my help of old,
         shall now his suppliant hear;
      And punish them, whose prosp'rous state
         makes them no God to fear.

  20  Whom can I trust, if faithless men
         perfidiously devise
      To ruin me, their peaceful friend,
         and break the strongest ties!

  21  Though soft and melting are their words, 
         their hearts with war abound;
      Their speeches are more smooth than oil, 
         and yet like swords they wound.

  22  Do thou, my soul, on God depend,
         and he shall thee sustain;
      He aids the just, whom to supplant
         the wicked strive in vain.

  23  My foes, that trade in lies and blood,
         shall all untimely die;
      Whilst I for health and length of days
         on thee, my God, rely.

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