Psalm 56

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  Do thou, O God, in mercy help,
         for man my life pursues;
      To crush me with repeated wrongs
         he daily strife renews.

   2  Continually my spiteful foes
         to ruin me combine;
      Thou seest, who sitt'st enthroned on high, 
         what mighty numbers join.

   3  But though sometimes surprised by fear, 
         (on danger's first alarm,)
      Yet still for succor I depend
         on thy Almighty arm.

   4  God's faithful promise I shall praise:
         on which I now rely:
      In God I trust, and, trusting him,
         the arm of flesh defy.

   5  They wrest my words, and make them speak
         a sense they never meant:
      Their thoughts are all, with restless spite, 
         on my destruction bent.

   6  In close assemblies they combine,
         and wicked projects lay;
      They watch my steps, and lie in wait
         to make my soul their prey.

   7  Shall such injustice still escape?
         O righteous God, arise;
      Let thy just wrath, (too long provoked,)
         this impious race chastise.

   8  Thou number'st all my steps, since first
         I was compelled to flee;
      My very tears are treasured up,
         and registered by thee.

   9  When therefore I invoke thy aid,
         my foes shall be o'erthrown;
      For I am well assured that God
         my righteous cause will own.

10,11 I'll trust God's word, and so despise 
         the force that man can raise;
  12  To thee, O God, my vows are due; 
         to thee I'll render praise.

  13  Thou hast retrieved my soul from death,
         and thou wilt still secure
      The life thou hast so oft preserved,
         and make my footsteps sure;

      That thus protected by thy pow'r
         I may this light enjoy,
      And in the service of my God
         my lengthened days employ.

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