Psalm 59

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


   1  Deliver me, O Lord my God,,
         from all my spiteful foes;
      In my defense oppose thy pow'r
         to theirs, who me oppose.

   2  Preserve me from a wicked race,
         who make a trade of ill;
      Protect me from remorseless men,
         who seek my blood to spill.

   3  They lie in wait, and mighty pow'rs
         against my life combine:
      Implacable; yet, Lord, thou know'st
         for no offence of mine.

   4  In haste they run about, and watch
         my guiltless life to take:
      Look down, O Lord, on my distress,
         and to my help awake!

   5  Thou, Lord of hosts, and Israel's God,
         their heathen rage suppress:
      Relentless vengeance take on those
         who stubbornly transgress.

   6  At ev'ning to beset my house
         like growling dogs they meet;
      While others through the city range,
         and ransack ev'ry street.

   7  Their throats envenomed slander breathe,
         their tongues are sharpened swords;
      Who hears, (say they,) or, hearing, dares
         reprove our lawless words?

   8  But from thy throne thou shalt, O Lord,
         their baffled plots deride;
      And soon to scorn, and shame expose
         their boasted heathen pride.

   9  On thee I wait, 'tis on thy strength
         for succor I depend;
      'Tis thou, O God, art my dcfense,
         who only canst defend.

  10  Thy mercy, Lord, which hast so oft
         from danger set me free,
      Shall crown my wishes, and subdue
         my haughty foes to me.

  11  Destroy them not, O Lord, at once,
         restrain thy vengeful blow,
      Lest we, ungratefully, too soon
         forget their overthrow.

      Disperse them through the nations round
         by thy avenging pow'r:
      Do thou bring down their haughty pride,
         O Lord, our shield and tow'r.

  12  Now, in the height of all their hopes,
         their arrogance chastise;
      Whose tongues have sinned without restraint,
         and curses joined with lies.

  13  Nor shalt thou, whilst their race endures,
         thine anger, Lord, suppress,
      That distant lands, by their just doom,
         may Israel's God confess.

  14  At ev'ning let them still persist
         like growling dogs to meet,
      Still wander all the city round,
         and traverse ev'ry street.

  15  Then, as for malice now they do,
         for hunger let them stray,
      And yell their vain complaints aloud,
         defeated of their prey.

  16  Whilst early I thy mercy sing,
         thy wondrous pow'r confess;
      For thou hast been my sure defense,
         my refuge in distress.

  17  To thee with never-ceasing praise,
         O God, my strength, I'll sing;
      Thou art my God, the rock from whence
         my health and safety spring.

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