Psalm 60

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1  O God, who hast our troops dispersed
       Forsaking those who left thee first;
    As we thy just displeasure mourn,
       To us in mercy, Lord, return.

 2  Our strength, that firm as earth did stand,
       is rent by thy avenging hand:
    O heal the breaches thou hast made;
       We shake, we fall, without thy aid!

 3  Our folly's sad effects we feel,
       For, drunk with discord's cup, we reel
 4  But now, for them who thee revered,
       Thou hast thy truth's bright banner reared.

 5  Let thy right hand thy saints protect:
       Lord, hear the pray'rs that we direct!
 6  The holy God hath spoke; and I,
       O'erjoyed, on his firm word rely.

    To thee in portions I'll divide
       fair Sichem's soil, Samaria's pride:
    To Sichem, Succoth next I'll join,
       and measure out her vale by line.

 7  Manasseh, Gilead, both subscribe
       to my commands, with Ephriam's tribe:
    Ephriam by arms supports my cause,
       and judah by religious laws.

 8  Moab my slave and drudge shall be,
       nor Edom from my yoke get free;
    Proud Palestine's imperious state
       shall humbly on our triumph wait.

 9  But who shall quell these mighty pow'rs,
       and clear my way to Edom's tow'rs?
    Or through her guarded frontiers tread
       The path that does to conquest lead?

10  E'en thou, O God, who hast disperst
       Our troops (for we forssok thee first,)
    Those whom thou didst in wrath forsake,
       attoned, thou wilt victorious make.

11  Do thou our fainting cause sustain,
       for human succors are but vain:
12  Fresh strength and courage God bestows,
       'tis he treads down our proudest foes.

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