Psalm 61

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1  Lord, hear my cry, regard my pray'r, 
       which I, oppressed with grief,
 2  From earth's remotest parts address 
       to thee for kind relief.

    O lodge me safe beyond the reach
       of persecuting pow'r;
 3  Thou, who so oft from spiteful foes
       hast been my shelt'ring tow'r.

 4  So shall I in thy sacred courts
       secure from danger lie;
    Beneath the cover of thy wings
       all future storms defy.

 5  In sign my vows are heard, once more 
       I o'er thy chosen reign;
 6  O bless with long and prosp'rous life 
       the king thou did'st ordain,

 7  Confirm his throne, and make his reign 
       accepted in thy sight,
    And let thy truth and mercy both
       in his defense unite.

 8  So shall I ever sing thy praise,
       thy name for ever bless;
    Devote my prosp'rous days to pay
       the vows of my distress.

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