Psalm 62

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1  My soul for help on God relies,
    from him alone my safety flows;
 2  My rock; my health, that strength supplies,
    to bear the shock of all my foes. 
 3  How long will ye contrive my fall,
    which will but hasten on your own?
    You'll totter like a bending wall,
    or fence of uncemented stone, 
 4  To make my env'd honors less
    they strive with lies; their chief delight;
    For they, tho' with their mouths they bless,
    in private curse with inward spite. 
5,6 But thou, my soul, on God rely;
    on him alone thy trust repose;
    My rock and health will strength supply
    to bear the shook of all my foes. 
 7  God does his saving health dispense,
    and flowing blessings daily send;
    He is my fortress and defense,
    on him my soul shall still depend. 
 8  In him, ye people, always trust,
    before his throne pour out your hearts;
    For God, the merciful and just,
    his timely aid to us imparts. 
 9  The vulgar fickle are and frail;
    the great dissemble and betray;
    And laid in truth's impartial scale,
    the lightest things will both outweigh. 
10  Then trust not in oppressive ways,
    by spoil and rapine grow not vain;
    Nor let your hearts, if wealth increase,
    be set too much upon your gain. 
11  For God has oft his will expressed,
    and I this truth have fully known;
    To be of boundless pow'r possessed
    belongs of right to God alone. 
12  Though mercy is his darling grace,
    in which he chiefly takes delight,
    Yet will he all the human race
    according to their works requite.

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